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This is my Rat Terrier Roxie
13 pounds. She has excellent conformation as you can see. She is smart as can be and posseses all the wonderful Rat Terrier traits.
She is very out going and loves people. She is a great watch dog and lets me know if someone is too close to our house. She loves to go to dog shows. I am still showing her with UKC. She is dual registered with UKC and UKCI. She is 14 months old in this picture. She LOVES children!! Not for sale.

Rat Terriers make super family pets.
I also have references from Roxie's first litter. I have had so many compliments on how intelligent they are.
Skip the sire is owned by Heartland Rat Terriers.


Tink will have puppies near the end of July 2004.
Her sire is Skip in the picture above.


Contact me about future litters with her.
They will be very special.
I only breed dogs with correct temperamants!!
When choosing a puppy please look at the temperamants of the sire and dam. Also look at the looks of the sire and dam.

I will get that gopher!!!!!!





The Rat Terrier is a truly American breed! These adorable little dogs descended from the terriers brought to the US by English miners and other working class immigrants; probably crosses between the Smooth Fox Terrier, the Manchester Terrier and the now extinct white English Terrier. Some of these dogs were crossed with Whippets or Italian Greyhounds for speed, and Beagles for hunting ability, which explains the speed, agility, tenacity and keen senses of today's Rat Terrier. Although Rat Terriers are still used for hunting in many areas (especially the Southern US), they make exceptional family pets that are great with children and other dogs (even cats!). They thrive on human attention and companionship and are enthusiastic participants in any activity you care to share with them. Rat Terriers have short, smooth coats which are easy to care for, and there is also a hairless variety. Some toy Rat Terriers are as small as 6 lbs full grown. Miniatures are usually around 10-15 lbs. Different clubs have different terminology and standards. There is a wide variety of coat colors and patterns. Rat Terriers are alert, intelligent and energetic, making them quite easy to train. They require plenty of attention and daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy. They are the IDEAL family dog.