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If you are interested in a french bulldog, please highlight this page then, copy (control C) and paste (control V) this questionnaire into an email and email it to my address. Or I can email it to you directly.

Kicking Bear French Bulldogs
Potential Puppy Buyer Questionnaire
Lisa Kendrick

Your assistance in completing this questionnaire will help me place the right puppy or adult with you. Please be sure to fill out every applicable question. Thank you for you cooperation and interest.

NAME__________________________________________ PHONE_____________________



How did you learn of Kicking Bear French Bulldogs?


For what purposes are you purchasing French Bulldog? Family Pet______

Do you prefer a Male_______,Female________

 Puppy________(8 weeks - 6 months)Puppy_______(6-12 months)

Older dog________What age range?_________

Color: cream________ brindle_________ pied_________ fawn_________

If your first preference regarding sex or color isn't available, would you still be interested in a puppy?_____

Do all family members want a new puppy?__________

List the ages of all persons residing in your home___________________

Are you aware that French Bulldogs have exercise intolerance?______

Are you aware that French Bulldogs are prone to allergies?______

Are you aware that French Bulldogs can be more difficult to housebreak than most dogs?______

Are you aware that French Bulldogs shed?_____

Is anyone in your family afraid of dogs?______

Is anyone in your family allergic to dogs or cats?____

Does anyone in the household smoke? _____

Have you had French Bulldogs before?______

Where did you get your French Bulldog? Please list breeder/rescue or other source. _____________________

Have you owned other breeds?_______

How many and when?____________________________________________________________

If they died, how did they die and at what age?______________________________________

Are you committed to care for this dogs needs for its lifetime?fFrenchies can live up to 12 years of age or more)______

Do you have any other pets at this time?______

What kind and how many?_________________________________________________________________


Do you own______or rent_____ If you rent, do you have permission to have a dog? ________Proof will need to be provided.


Is your yard securely fenced?______Type of fence?________How many feet high?__________

Do you padlock your gates?________Do you have a kennel run?________

If you do not have a securely fenced yard, how do you plan on exercising your new dog/puppy?___________

Do you have a pool?_____________

Is it fenced separately from the rest of the yard?___________

Will someone be home with the dog during the day?_________With whom?___________________________

If your dog will be left home alone during the day, how many average hours?_______________

Where will the dog be kept when you are not home? House_____Outside______

If in the house, where? Your Bedroom________

Child's Room_____Laundry Room_____Basement______Other(please list) _________

In crate or loose?______

If you are not home during the day, what arrangements will be made to feed and exercise the puppy while you are not home?_______________________________________________________________________

Where will the dog be when you are home?_________________________________________________

Where will the dog be kept at night? House_____Outside______

If in the house, where? Your Bedroom______Child's Room______

Laundry Room_____Basement_______Other (please list) ________

At night will the dog be in a crate or loose?__________

Who will be responsible for the dog's care, such as feeding and walking?___________________________

Who will be responsible for the dog's health care and veterinary visits?____________________________

Are you willing to take this dog to obedience and puppy kindergarten classes in order that he will become an enjoyable companion?____________

Where will you take your dog to classes?______________________________________________________

Who will train the dog?___________

How would you describe your lifestyle as a family?_______________________________________________

What type of recreation do you enjoy as a family?________________________________________________

How do you usually spend your family vacations?________________________________________________

How would the puppy be cared for when you are away?___________________________________________

Are you aware that puppies require more time and attention than older dogs?___________

Are you willing to make that kind of investment of your time?________

Have you taken into consideration the expense of a dog including food, training, routine vet care, emergency vet care?________

Do you have a regular veterinarian?____Please list their name and address__________________________

Please note we do veterinary reference checks. You will need to give your vet's staff authorization that we can ask about your current/previous pets and their care.

Are you willing to spay/neuter this dog?_____

Have you ever rescued a dog and helped place it for adoption or kept it yourself?_________Please explain:

Have you ever had a dog hit by a car?_____Please explain the circumstances_______________________

Are you willing to keep in contact with the breeder with periodic updates and pictures?________  

Are you aware that no matter how careful your breeder is, and even though your breeder obtains the appropriate clearances from the parents of the puppy, that just as in humans, there is always a possibility that your puppy could inherit some genetic problems including hip dyplasia, heart problems, cancer, allergies, etc?

Are you still willing to purchase a puppy knowing that there is no such thing as a perfect puppy?______
After reading this questionnaire, do you still feel that you are willing and able to offer this type of commitment to a dog, so that the dog you purchase will have the type of lifestyle that he requires and deserves?_______

Do you understand that in the event that you are unable to care for or are forced to give up this puppy/dog at any time in its lifetime, it must come back here. ________If possible the dog may be transferred to another family member or friend after filling out a questionnaire and signing a contract.



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